left the caps lock on and typed something?

don’t panic! Paste Your Text in this editor And Resolve The Problem!

convert blocks of text into any case

Type Or Paste Your Text And Choose The Case You Want To Convert It To

Welcome to TheWrongCASEditor that allows you to easily and immediately convert any text into lowercase, uppercase or other case formats such as capitalised case, title case, sentence case, alternating case, inverse case, random case.

You have accidentally left the caps lock on and typed something but can't be bothered to start again and retype it all?
Don’t panic. Just paste your text here and choose the case you want to convert it to.

Or instead you want to convert some text from one case to another?

This online free editor is a very easy to use tool: just paste or type the text and choose the case in which to convert it, then, when finished, copy it to the clipboard and use it where desired.

Below are all the options offered described in detail.

Upper Case

Converts all the letter into capitals.

Lower Case

Converts all the letters into small letters.


Converts the text so every word has its first letter capitalised.

Sentence Case

Capitalises the first letter of each sentence.

Title Case

All major words are capitalized, while minor words are lowercased.

Alternating Case

Converts into text that alternates between lower case and upper case.

Inverse Case

Invert the case of characters.

Random Case

Convert text to random case letters.

Have fun with this free tool and if you like share it !!!


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